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The Performance Group distributes software created by TTI Performance Systems. The core software is administered locally by the company purchasing the products.

The core software provides concise reports outlining a participant's behavioral style. The focus in the reports is four quadrants of behavior as developed by Dr. William Moulton Marston in his book The Emotion of Normal People.

Marston viewed people as behaving along two axis with their actions tending to active or passive depending upon the individualís perception of the environment as either antagonistic or favorable.

      Axis 1:   Passive <----------------------> Active

      Axis 2:   Antagonistic <-----------------> Favorable

By placing these axes at right angles, four quadrants are formed, each describing a behavioral pattern.

The DISC model, named after the four quadrants, has developed into a universal language of observable human behavior. The DISC is not. . .

  • a measurement of a person's INTELLIGENCE!
  • an indicator of a PERSON'S VALUES!
  • a measurement of SKILLS AND EXPERIENCE!
  • a measurement of EDUCATION AND TRAINING!

The DISC model is a language of "how we act" or our behavior. Consider the four quadrants:

    D = Dominance - Challenge
    How you respond to problems and challenges

    I = Influence - Contacts
    How you influence others to your point of view

    S = Steadiness - Consistency
    How you respond to the pace of the environment

    C = Compliance - Constraints
    How you respond to rules and procedures set by others

We hear a lot about diversity in the organization. Generally, cultural or ethnic diversity is the topic. In reality there is a lot more behavioral diversity and the DISC model through the Managing For Success software helps the organization improve its performance by understanding those behavioral differences.

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