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Report Options include:

1. Success Insights Executive

    Designed for CEOs, managers and decision makers, it provides an accurate analysis of their strengths and their value to the organization. It offers knowledge that enables them to negotiate a communication system producing more effective work teams.

2. Success Insights Management-Staff

    Gives valuable information to the employee, the manager and the work team. It clarifies individual work styles, how styles affect job performance and how the employee-manager relationship affects productivity and goal achievement.

3. Success Insights Customer Service

    Designed to allow employees having any contact with customers to learn how certain customers will react to their natural communication style. This increased knowledge will help the employee build rapport and provide more successful customer service.

4. Success Insights Sales

    Allows sales managers to increase success in hiring the “right” people and motivating new and existing salespeople to perform at their best. It takes the guesswork out of managing salespeople, and allows companies to develop sound relationships through individual management plans.

5. Success Insights Work Environment

    Successful performance many times is directly related to matching a person’s natural behavior with the behavior demanded by a specific job. This system allows the user to identify and compare people’s perception with reality. There are six unique comparisons for you to fully understand the ramifications of job matching and mismatching.

6. Additional TTI Software Available include:

  • Successful Career PlanningTM
  • Relationship InsightsTM
  • Family TalkTM
  • Personal Interest, Attitudes and ValuesTM
  • Mentoring For SuccessTM
  • Behavioral Factor IndicatorTM
  • Success Performance IndexTM

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